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We print more than t-shirts!


At DeportedTEES we have evolved and grown to incorporate a wide range of products that can be customized and printed. In the following pages you will see some examples; if you are looking for something specific please let us know and we can get it for you! Please email us at for quotes and orders.



Raise your glass! These personalized glassware items are sure to catch the eye of beverage holders at your next event. Drinkware is the easiest way to give your patron a token to take with them that they can always remember all the memories made at that occasion. Because they’re useful, and universal, glasses and cups make perfect promotional trade show giveaways and custom gifts for businesses or personal use.



Promotional bags are wonderful advertising items, yet useful everyday items that will be noticed at your function or event. Thinking of jute, cotton, canvas and non-woven or any other material? We’ve got backpacks, totes, reusable bags, gifts bags and much more; all to fit your budget.



Our unique items can be printed or embroidered with your logo or images. Get personalized bandanas or towels of any size for giveaways, trade show conventions, and everyday use.

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